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Katsura Surveys are able to supply a full range of CAD services, providing trouble-free CAD outsourcing or in-house solutions. We offer comprehensive 2d and 3d CAD services, including:

Standardisation of existing CAD drawings: CAD drawings from multiple sources tend to have a wide variety of layer names, display settings and styles, so we can convert all the drawings to a standardised format to suit our clients existing CAD standards/settings.

We can also create standard drawing templates including creating title blocks using our clients logos, colour schemes and standard CAD layers.

Conversion of paper plots and raster image files to CAD files:  CAD files are manually produced ensuring that the new CAD drawings are as accurate as the original source material. The CAD format drawings can then be used for a variety of purposes, such as record drawings, marketing, feasibility studies etc.,

CAD drawing simplification: Over complicated CAD drawings (such as detailed mechanical & electrical or structural design drawings) can be simplified to a more user friendly level, such as for inclusion in marketing material on websites or brochures etc.

Creating 3d models from 2d plans: We can create 3d models & images from 2d drawings (for inclusion in marketing/brochure), enabling the resulting models and images to be used for a variety of purposes.

General CAD work: such as updating annotation and general revisions to existing drawings, creating land registry compliant lease plans from existing drawings etc.



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