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Area Verification Surveys:


Katsura Surveys are able to provide an independent area referencing survey for a variety of purposes, providing confirmed areas of properties. This includes Net Internal Area (NIA) calculations (often needed for acquisition/disposal of property, lease renewal, valuations or rent reviews etc.) and Gross External Area (GEA) calculations (for insurance or rebuild costs etc.,).

All dimensions and areas are measured and calculated in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) “Standard Code of Measuring Practice 6th Edition”.  


When area calculations are required after a full measured survey, the calculated areas are displayed with clear colour coding on the floor plans, eliminating any uncertainty about which areas/zones of the building have been included or excluded from the different area calculations. Where we have not been asked to provide a detailed measured survey, we can provide outline drawings showing the areas measured. Alternatively we can colour code any indicative floor plans provided to us by the client with labelled key dimensions and colour coding added to the drawings for illustrative purposes.


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Land Registry Compliant Plans

All plans drawn by Katsura Surveys can be produced in a Land Registry compliant format so that they are able to be used for lease/title plan purposes, (including an Ordnance Survey map extract to show property/site location).




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Rights of Light

Katsura Surveys are able to produce full measured survey plans that are suitable for subsequent Rights of Light analysis. These surveys are often requested subsequent to a detailed survey of a particular building. These surveys will therefore usually consist of detailed floor plans, detailed external elevations of the building in question and outline plan and elevations of all the surrounding buildings showing the size and locations of the windows on the elevations.



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Space Planning and Inventory / Audit Services

Katsura Surveys can undertake a full survey of a building to include a full inventory and location of all furniture and equipment in the surveyed area. This can then be used for space planning or audit purposes. We can also design proposed office furniture layout schemes utilising existing or new furniture/equipment.

Katsura Surveys are able to provide 3d visualisations of the existing and proposed layouts to give clients an accurate idea of how the proposed layouts will appear.


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3d Modelling / Visuals

Katsura Surveys can create accurate 3d visualisations of existing properties, either produced from our own survey drawings or from drawings provided to us. The 3d visuals can be very detailed showing all the furniture and equipment in a building, which can be used for architectural design, planning or marketing purposes.

Once the existing 3d models are created, we can then create 3d models of the proposed buildings, rendered to show proposed layouts and decoration (i.e. new furniture, carpets and wall colours etc). In addition we can generate 3d animations of the new layouts to give the best view of how the new layouts will look.

3d Images of an Existing Office Layout

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3d Animation of an Existing Office Layout 

To watch the video in high quality: After starting, click the HD option in the bottom right hand side of the video




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